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Leading Government Relocation Services Provider with GSA Expertise

Serving Government Agencies and Military Branches with GSA SIN 531 Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience as a government contractor, MoveCenter’s GSA division provides relocation services for government agencies and all branches of the United States Military under GSA SIN 531.  Our contract number is 47QMCB22D000E and our Cage Code is 1QD59 for The Move Management Center d/b/a MoveCenter.

MoveCenter works within exacting GSA service and pricing requirements to deliver outstanding relocation services.  Our goal is to enhance productivity and deliver a seamless stress-free experience while remaining compliant during every phase of the relocation process.

GSA Contract Renewal and Compliance
A GSA supplier for In business since 1963, we are pleased to announce that in 2022 the GSA renewed our contract for an additional five years, the maximum allowed contract renewal length.  Our relocation services are customized to meet the government’s regulatory requirements.  View our catalog here.

Customized Relocation Services for Government Agencies

Tailored Solutions for Government Relocation Needs

MoveCenter specializes in providing customized relocation services for government agencies and all branches of the United States Military. With a focus on meeting the unique needs of government clients, our relocation services are customized to meet regulatory requirements and ensure a seamless transition for employees. Trust MoveCenter for all your government relocation needs, and experience the difference that tailored solutions can make.

MoveCenter - Customized Relocation Services for Government Agencies

Exceptional GSA and Military Relocation Services

MoveCenter specializes in GSA and Military Services, providing relocation for government agencies. We work within exacting GSA service and pricing requirements to deliver outstanding relocation services tailored for government needs. Our goal is to enhance productivity and improve the morale of your employees while ensuring compliance throughout the relocation process. Contact us today to learn more about how MoveCenter can help with your government relocation needs.

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New Employees Household Goods Moves

Household goods move management

  • Full-service and self-service options (CHAMP or commercial carriers)
  • Car transport
  • Storage in transit (SIT)
  • Pre-move cost estimates

Permanent Change of Station Moves (PCS moves)

  • Transferring employees
  • Household Goods, Storage & Car

Do It Yourself Moves (DITY moves)

  • When you are moving on your own

Agency & Government Moves

  • Whether you’re moving employees or an office, we can help.

Dedicated single-point-of-contact & accountability

Benefits counseling

Office moves – local & long distance

Home marketing

Home finding (rental & purchase)

Mortgage assistance

Office moves – local & long distance

Temporary quarters

Property management

Expense tracking & reporting

Invoice auditing

FAQs about MoveCenter's Relocation Solutions

Get Answers to Your Questions

We are proud to be oldest, most stable Women Owned Business in the relocation industry.  Proud to be a “boutique” relocation management company, MoveCenter offers an unparalleled level of service tailored to meet the unique needs of individual clients.   We function as a true supplier-partner aligning ourselves to fully support your recruiting and retention efforts in 150+ countries.

Established in 1963, MoveCenter has the Expertise to effectively manage your global talent mobility program.

  • Relocation 101: If your company does not have a formalized relocation program, or it’s time to benchmark your existing program, our seasoned experts will work with you to design and implement a relocation policy that is competitive, effective, and within budget.
  • Compliance: Our Home Sale programs and expense administration services are structured to be IRS tax compliant.
  • Strategic Supplier-Partner: We are more than a vendor. Our goal is to partner with you to help you achieve your strategic recruiting and retention goals. We remain accountable, accessible, committed, flexible and responsive to your unique needs.
  • Increased Productivity: The level of support clients receive allows employees to remain focused on other tasks, while we handle relocation details.
  • MoveCenter is an award-winning company.
    • We are proud to have won over 100 awards throughout our entire company history. Some recent awards we’ve won or been a finalist for include:
      • HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Service Award
      • Business Times Best Workplace Award
      • EMMA Award
      • Stevie Award
      • Top California Family-Owned Businesses
      • Best Vendor-Client Relationship
      • Relocation Management Company of the Year
      • Largest Women Owned Businesses in the Bay Area
      • Best Vendor-Client Relationship
      • Top Bay Area Women-Owned Businesses
      • Small Business of the Year
      • 25 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance
      • Eco-Friendly Vendor
      • Best Quality Service Delivery / Employee Service Vendors Category
      • Best Workplaces for Commuters
      • Best Women-Owned Business
      • Top Woman Owned Businesses in California
      • Top 500 Woman Owned Businesses in the U.S.
      • Top 100 Women Owned Businesses in California
  • Based on ERC’s published averages, our actual results for clients includes lower HomeSale program costs than our competitors.
    • We compare our actual results for list to contract days with our competitors every year and are consistently 14-28% less for BVO, GBO and AV programs.
    • Our average for days in inventory is consistently lower too, with a range for the last 5 years of 8-59% less days.
    • This translates into a domino effect of savings for our clients.

As an Independent Company, we answer only to our clients, exercising our freedom to choose the best suppliers for each move.

  • Superior Service: In 1963, we were founded by a forward thinking entrepreneur with a vision of superior service delivery free from stockholders, shareholders and/or private equity firm demands.
  • Independent Company: We have no parent company or subsidiaries, nor do our owners have hidden relationships with, or ownership in, sister companies. We are truly an independent company and we have no plans for organizational changes.
  • Supplier Selection: Our ownership structure provides us the flexibility to choose our network of suppliers according to an evaluation process which assesses key attributes such as price, accuracy, operational excellence, industry experience, and commitment to Service Level Agreements.

Our True Single-Point-of-Contact model streamlines communication and efficiencies for better results.

  • Dedicated Contact: Each client is assigned a dedicated Relocation Counselor who serves as the single point of coordination and accountability for both you and your transferees, improving communication and efficiency.
  • Accessibility and Responsiveness: Your Relocation Counselor is committed to returning all calls same business day. Clients and transferees are provided multiple ways to contact them 24/7, including weekends and holidays.
  • Reduced-Stress and Increased Morale: Moving is widely accepted as one of the most stressful life events for people. To combat this, we provide a credentialed Relocation Counselor, fully trained on your program and procedures, who assists them from initiation to file closure. The relationship dynamic creates stability and familiarity, reducing stress and increasing morale.
  • Accountability: The MoveCenter Relocation Counselor is responsible for coordinating with you, the transferee, and second-tier suppliers. With this heightened level of involvement, they are well positioned to ensure the success of each engagement.

We function as a partner aligning ourselves with Tailored Solutions to meet your unique needs.

  • Boutique Experience: As a boutique company, we ensure every customer experience is positive. We are committed to remaining flexible while tailoring programs focused solely on individual clients’ unique needs.
  • Flexible Service Delivery: No two relocations are alike. While remaining within policy and program guidelines, we add a human touch offering options on timing, location, cost, suppliers, agents, etc. to meet individual transferee needs – no cookie cutter solutions here!
  • VIP Level Support: Each client and every transferee receives VIP level support throughout every phase of the relocation process. All phone calls are answered by a live person. For after-hours support, we provide your dedicated Relocation Counselor’s cell phone number and email address. Additionally, clients are given the cell phone numbers of our leadership team / owners.
  • Best Practices: We have your interest in mind and consider a best practice to be “best” only when it specifically supports individual client’s global talent management objectives and business requirements, and is consistent with your operating environment and culture.

State-of-the-Art Technology & Reporting

  • Web-Based Solution: MoveCenter’s technology is designed to make your job easier. Our enterprise level, password protected software offers real-time data available 24/7.
  • Tailored Reports: There are 100’s of standard reports available, plus we have the flexibility to create Ad-hoc reports on any of 13,500 data fields. Client specific custom fields can be added, making the reporting possibilities virtually endless.
  • User Friendly: The system is easy to understand, use and navigate. It coordinates and centralizes communication with all parties involved in the relocation process ensuring satisfaction from transferees, suppliers, and client program managers.
  • IRS Compliant: Our expense tracking and tax gross-up methodologies are continually updated to reflect changes in federal, state, and local tax regulations, simplifying and ensuring compliance.

Leveraging MoveCenter’s volume, clients benefit from our proprietary database of second-tier suppliers, offering Cost Controls and Service Enhancements.

  • Competitive Pricing: By leveraging our volume, MoveCenter’s clients achieve cost savings and a level of service not otherwise available.
  • Supplier Selection: MoveCenter maintains a proprietary database of global suppliers and selects the best one for individual moves based on a matrix of past performance, price, availability, and commitment to meet specific client and transferee requirements.
  • Advanced Home Marketing: Home Owners are provided our advanced home marketing program. We strategize with the best performing brokers to achieve high conversion rates and work with transferees to sell their home quickly for the best price, thus reducing other program costs such as temporary living and household goods storage.
  • Claims Advocacy: We have negotiated terms with our van lines to expedite and ease the replacement value damage claim process. In the event a transferee needs to file a claim, we advocate on their behalf.
  • Overcharge Elimination: We audit all invoices before billing clients and all expense reports before reimbursing transferees. We have seen cost savings as much as 10-15% after being adjusted for accuracy.

MoveCenter is serious about our commitment to Total Quality and incorporates quality initiatives into every step of our clients’ programs.

  • Serious Commitment: Every file is monitored and evaluated through our Total Quality Program to give you the best suppliers, the most comprehensive follow-up and improved customer service experience.
  • Exceeding Expectations: We develop an understanding of our individual clients’ unique needs and incorporate quality initiatives into every aspect of your tailored program to meet and/or exceed every expectation.
  • Feedback Surveys: Post-relocation surveys are used to quantify the customer experience and both preemptive and post actions are taken where needed.
  • IRS Compliant: Our homesale programs and expense administration services are structured to be IRS compliant. Systems and formulas are updated as often as necessary to meet new local, state and federal laws, ensuring program compliance.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • During implementation we will collaborate with you to identify metrics related to key performance areas.  In the event that we fail to meet any identified target(s), we are willing to waive up to 100% of our fee.